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When you become a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, you join a dedicated group of volunteers who love boating and who perform valuable services to the U.S. Coast Guard and Boating Public.  Being an Auxiliarist will add a new dimension to your boating activities and will enable you to share in the worthwhile experience of assisting boaters and saving lives, as well as being an important part of Team Coast Guard.

Auxiliary Flag Why should you join?

Do you enjoy boating? Then, boat with the best - the Coast Guard Auxiliary


Membership is open to citizens of the United States and its territories and possessions, who are 17 years of age or older and who have never been convicted of a felony.  Facility (radio station, boat or aircraft) ownership is desirable, but not mandatory. Individuals with special training or experience in any Auxiliary program are encouraged to join.  Membership is also open to all active duty or former members of any of the uniformed services and their reserve components.


As an Auxiliarist, you have the opportunity to increase your knowledge of boating safety and acquire special training through advanced classes or by taking correspondence courses from the Coast Guard Institute.  Instruction in navigation, meteorology, communications, and search and rescue operations enhances the value of you to the Auxiliary while adding to your own boating pleasure.

You will find great personal satisfaction in providing a valuable public service to the boaters. The possibility of saving lives - even one human life - is always in your path as an Auxiliarist.

Dedication to boating safety provides you with the atmosphere for getting together to swap boating experiences and participate in exercises, group outings, etc.  You'll find special fellowship among Auxiliarists that's hard to beat.  There's time to relax and have fun at Auxiliary outings, rendezvous, cruises and conferences. Auxiliarists make lasting, meaningful friendships.

Special Benefits for Young People

If you're 17 years of age and thinking about a career in the Coast Guard, this is for YOU!  You can join the Auxiliary, learn tremendous boating skills, advance your future career and pay in the Coast Guard while having fun learning in a friendly, supportive environment.

Under present Coast Guard recruiting requirements, Coast Guard recruits who are Auxiliarists in good standing and currently qualified at the level of Boat Crew in the Auxiliary Operations Program may be enlisted in pay grade E-2 (SA/FA) out of boot camp.  Likewise, active duty Coast Guard personnel who are currently qualified as Auxiliary Vessel Coxswains may be enlisted up to a pay grade of E-3 (SN). What does that mean to you?  It means Auxiliary membership and involvement translates into a monthly pay increase of over $100!

Dues and Uniforms

Naturally, there are dues to pay.  Our dues, currently, are $40.00 per year and run from October 1 through September 30.  If you join midyear, your dues are prorated for the first year.

You are entitled (and expected) to wear a uniform similar to those worn by the Coast Guard, but with different markings (silver rather than gold, basically).  There are many Auxiliary activities that require you to wear a uniform in order to participate, especially when you are dealing with the public.  The minimum uniform is not extremely costly.

Want to join? Contact  Human Resources Officer, Ed Kasper at (727) 423-3794 or email at  fso-hr@a0701101.uscgaux.info.

You are welcome to attend our monthly meetings to meet us firsthand.  The meetings are held in the Clearwater Police Station, 1st Floor, on the third Wednesday of every month, and are open to the public.  The flotilla commander calls the meeting to order promptly at 7:00 PM.  Visitors are recognized and new members are inducted into the flotilla. Recognition awards are given out next.  The staff officers give required monthly reports that detail the progress made in their respective areas of responsibility.  Guest speakers are often invited and the subject matter includes safe boating procedures, appropriate Coast Guard protocols and other marine related topics.  These meetings also serve as a time of monthly fellowship between flotilla members and ideas are often shared in regard to the operation and advancement of flotilla goals.

The Clearwater Police Station is located at 645 Pierce St. Clearwater, FL 33767



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