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AUXCOM, the Auxiliary Communications Specialty course, is focused upon radio communications for the Auxiliary and Coast Guard.  It is one of the few specialty courses cited as a requirement for other Auxiliary activities. Specifically, AUXCOM is a requirement for ownership of an Auxiliary Fixed Land, Land Mobile, or DF Radio Facility.  It is also required by Communication Officers who conduct radio facility inspections.

In the Group St. Petersburg area (our Flotilla's order issuing authority), AUXCOM is an entry level requirement for communications watchstanders training at Coast Guard units.  The Communications Specialist has a broad knowledge of the principles underlying communications systems in use by both the Coast Guard and the Auxiliary.  The training you get when studying to become a Communications Specialist is at a much higher level than that provided in the Boat Crew or Air Qualification programs.

The course provides administrative, technical and operational foundations in VHF-FM and single side band marine radio, radio repeater systems, and direction finding, as well as solid grounding in the FCC regulations and current policies governing Auxiliarists when they are operating as Government Stations.

Although the course can be self-taught, it is best presented by experienced communications personnel who are familiar with any special District and local interpretations of the material.

You can achieve success as an AUXCOM Specialist by passing a closed book, proctored examination with a score of 75% or better.


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